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Using complete set of speaker cables, you can very easily connect your radio to power, speakers and any amplifiers.

Contents of this kit (CPK 8R Rally cable kit):

- Chrome plated waferfuse holder with 100A fuse and transparent red power cable (5m, 35mm2). With chromed cable eye on the end of the battery with 6mm chromed washer M6

- Transparent blue ground cable (0.8m, 35mm2) with 6mm chrome ring and black sleeve. M13

- Black signal cable (5m)

- Transparent silver speaker cable (8m 2x 4mm2)

- Transparent blue/silver remote cable (5m, 1.5mm2)

- 4 Chrome-plated speaker connectors (2 black, 2 red) 2x ST4.48 (red) and 2x ST4.28 (black)

- 2 Chrome plated cable eyes (35mm2/M13, 1 black, 1 red)

- 5 Chrome plated cable forks (3 red, 2 black) M5

- Black cable cover (2m)

- 10 black tyraps

- 1 firewall rubber