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This mobile marten repellent is specially designed to be used anywhere. This device produces ultrasonic sounds that rodents find unpleasant and therefore stay away from your carport, garden shed, attic and car. The high-pitched sounds are imperceptible to the human ear.

This device has the latest technology and runs only on 2 AA batteries. This module is replaceable and is only 12.5 cm in size so it can be used anywhere. But beware this device must be installed in a dry place and should not come into contact with water or dirt. The ultrasonic sound has a range of more than 6 meters. This device can also be used against other rodents like mice.


- Sable repellent

- Moveable/mobile

- Operates on 2 x AA batteries

- Can be used anywhere

- Install in a dry place

- Power consumption: 3 V/DC

- Frequency: 24 kHz (+/- 15%)

- Sound: max. 100 db +/- 20%

- Battery life: 1 year depending on the quality of the batteries

- Range: 55 m²

- Dimensions: 125 x 54 x 26 mm

Tip: Batteries are not included.