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BARDAHL Lxr Plasma Oil Booster, 400ml | Oil Addtive | BARDAHL 2011
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Bardahl Plasma LXR Oil Booster is a multifunctional oil additive that is 100% formulated based on BIOTECHNOLOGY. The product does not contain any petroleum product but has been developed using PLASMA. Bardahl LXR Oil Booster guarantees extreme protection, lubrication and durability that conventional petroleum-based additives can only dream of!

Adding Bardahl Plasma LXR Oil booster to the engine gives it incredible protection that stands up to extreme performance. This hyper lubricant protects parts from friction, wear and improves the viscosity number of the engine oil. This will give the oil improved stability at both very low and very high temperatures, even in extreme racing conditions.

Bardahl Plasma LXR Oil Booster is the ideal additive for recent liquid oil vehicles such as type 0W, 5W and 10W. These vehicles suffer from oil loss. With the help of this additive, the operating temperature is lowered reducing oil consumption.

Bardahl Plasma LXR Oil Booster is suitable for any type of oil, diesel vehicles (Euro 5B), gasoline and hybrid vehicles of the latest generation (from 2018 and later).


- Oil additef

- Lowers the operating temperature of the engine

- Enhances the viscosity number and stability of the oil

- Provides reduced fuel and energy consumption

- Extends the life of mechanical parts

- Reduces CO2 emissions

- 100% biotech

- Combats friction & wear

- Improves pumping power

- Very resistant to high temperatures

- Very resistant to extreme pressure

- Extremely resistant to corrosion

- Contents: 400 ml

Instructions for use:

- Warm engine, pour the entire contents of the bottle into the oil sump

- With one bottle treat up to 8 l of oil

- Compatible with any oil type